Interest in Becoming a Facilitator

We are pleased you are interested in becoming a Certified Longevity Lifestyle Facilitator for the Longevity Lifestyle program!


Recently several of the major news networks have talked about the fact that ‘dieting doesn’t work.’ Most programs that focus primarily on diet and/or exercise don’t work in the long term, either. That is not news to many people on this planet—certainly not to those who have been caught in the web of the world-wide obesity epidemic; definitely not too many healthcare professionals. What can work—when practically applied and followed consistently—is a measured move toward a Longevity Lifestyle.

The Longevity Lifestyle program is a unique, one-of-a-kind blend of brain-based information that focuses on health improvement, disease prevention, high-level healthiness, and enhanced longevity. The authors of the Longevity Lifestyle program believe that everything starts in the brain and that this unique approach has the best chance of success.


As Arlene R. Taylor PhD says: Everything starts in the brain—you only have one and no replacements exist! In this, the age of the brain, a Longevity Lifestyle can be your most effective maintenance program. Your health rarely improves by chance—it can improve by incremental positive change. Your brain and body must last your entire lifetime and one without the other is less than half the picture. Learn how to take very good care of both your brain and body—then do it consistently for the rest of your life. You and everyone you know stand to benefit!

A Longevity Lifestyle is not a diet; it is not a flash-in-the pan solution; it is not about compulsively counting calories; it is not about deprivation. It is a comprehensive brain-based approached to high-level-healthiness living with the goal of:


  • Getting your brain, body, and weight in the game—and keeping them there
  • Living as long as possible—with high levels of physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional, function


First: we encourage you to embrace a Longevity Lifestyle yourself. Live it and role-model it for others. Getting and staying as healthy as possible—brain and body—may be one of the best gifts you can give to your offspring and the people you care about.

Steve Horton MPH puts it this way: With appropriate motivation, education, practical application, and the right use of your brain, you may feel better, look better, think more clearly, and live a healthier life for longer. And as you start to feel better, look better, think more clearly, and have the energy to pursue your goals, thank your brain—because everything starts in your brain…


Second: we invite you to join a select group of individuals who are Certified Longevity Lifestyle Facilitators. This gives you the right and the opportunity to present the Longevity Lifestyle program in your community, school, church, organization, hospital, or home.


In the words of Sharlet B. Briggs PhD: Everything begins in your brain. That includes your health. Use your brain to create and maintain a Longevity Lifestyle that can impact your life positively¾because it matters. ‘You’ also have the opportunity to impact the lives of others in myriad positive ways, the influence of which may be felt for generations to come

Here you will find easy access to becoming a Certified Facilitator:

Certifications may be accomplished using paperbacks and other materials, some of which may be provided electronically.


  1. Complete and sign the application form, then scan and email to Dr. Taylor at OR mail paper copy to P O Box 2554, Napa, CA, 94558-0255 USA.
  2. Purchase the LLM Certified Facilitator packet (or have it purchased for you) that includes the Facilitator Certification fee and access to the LLM Program materials ($389.97 US). You will receive the 122 open-book questions by email along with a Verification Form.
  3. Read the LLM Textbook and the Companion Notebook, listen to the Audiobook, and complete the 122 open-book questions (you may want to answer them as you are reading the books).
  4. Email the completed 122 questions and the signed Verification Form or mail paper copies to Dr. Taylor, who will review the 122 answers and notify you of a pass or fail score.
  5. Upon notification of a pass score, you will receive a Facilitator Agreement form. Sign and return to Dr. Taylor.
  6. When the signed Facilitator Agreement is received, a LLM certificate and the CF ID# number are sent to you via email.


Note: Keep your number in a safe place. It is required to order supplies and to access the LLM CF section on the website. Activation and ongoing use of your LLM CF ID# is based on completing the requirements and complying with the Facilitator Agreement.

The bottom line?


Complete the Facilitator Application Form, become a Facilitator, and together we can make a difference on this planet: through our own lives as well as in the lives of others. How exciting!

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Six Steps to Be a LLM Certified Facilitator
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