To Supplement or Not?

To Supplement or Not?

If your journey has ever taken you down the supplements aisle at your local market and you had questions like, “What should I take?” or “Do they do what they say they do?” “Is one brand better than other?”–your not alone.


Nutritional knowledge can be as elusive as a horse out of its corral, even for the pros.  There is no shortage of information and studies, but most don’t note any significant long-term positive effects of taking supplements and indeed, some have a negative effect.


Sure, they say they’re “all natural”–but are they really necessary?  If you suspect that there’s no magic pill, you’re right. And to top it off they are not regulated in the same way as medications.


What nutritionist agree upon, it’s best to get nutrition from food, so make sure your diet includes the right amount of important food groups — especially deeply colored fruits and vegetables.  That’s the ideal way to get your vitamins and minerals you need for a Longevity Lifestyle.


If you feel that you need supplements the best thing to do is to talk with your doctor, who can order tests for specific deficiencies and recommend safe doses.



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Sharlet Briggs, PHD
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