Transform Your Health

Transform Your Health

Our grandparents didn’t exercise but they burned five times as many calories  in their daily activities of work and life.


What does that say about us? Do we lack the ability to get off the couch that our forefathers had? Do we care less about our health? Of course not. Through the ages we have gone from an environment where we had to work for our food and scarcity to one of abundance and ease. The question boils down to: How can we make the most of this abundance and keep our health?


Of 100 people who start their diet today, fewer than 5 will still be on it two years later. So, going on a diet and start an exercise program isn’t the answer.  Longevity Lifestyle Matters offers an alternative–change your brain, change your life–that makes it all the more likely that you will live a longer, healthier life.


Make a lifestyle change such as walking at least three times a week, learn a new hobby, stop smoking, and learn about brain healthy eating.


Think about what is important to you, start now living a Longevity Lifestyle and be around for it in the future!

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Sharlet Briggs, PHD
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