You believe things that aren’t true. Put a different way: many things that are true are true because you believe them.

We believe what we want to believe, and once we believe something, it becomes a self-fulfilling truth. If you think that a (costly) gym is better to get you into shape, then it is. If you think that paying attention to your mind and body matter, then it does. If you are committed to a longevity lifestyle, then you’re going to enjoy learning new information.

Club 122 is about changing people’s lives. Changing what they think they have the ability to change in their lives.

I’ve seen people’s lives change in the United States and yes,  around the world. The information work, because there are simple tools to understand. That’s why I think Longevity Lifestyles Matters is one of the most important books I’ve ever co-authored. It talks about getting in the game with your brain, body and weight. Two sides of a universal truth, your brain telling your life story, your body showing your life story, your weight is the outcome.

Here are the questions I hope you’ll ask (your signification other, your colleagues, your friends) after you’ve read this book:

“What’s your story?”

“How do you need to rewrite your story?”

“Will your story have the ending you desire?”

You don’t get a second chance in life very often, and I’m thrilled that you have decided to get in the game, and triply thrilled that you have visited us at Club 122. After all, you’re reading this. So, go ahead tell your story. If it doesn’t resonate, tell a different one. When you find a story that works, live that story, make it true, authentic and subject to scrutiny.

Sharlet M. Briggs, PhD

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Sharlet Briggs, PHD
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