Try It, You Might Like It!

Try It, You Might Like It!

There’s no doubt that we know more about preventing injury and illness than they did, say 50 plus years ago. For example, hopping on a single gear or if you were lucky a three-speed Schwinn bike heading down a steep hill trying to stay upright while avoiding a gaggle of kids, and once at the bottom turning around and riding back up the hill was thrilling–but dangerous.


Today you can be a safer rider.  Protect their brain with a helmet, suit up with UV-blocking pants that won’t get caught in the chain, slather on sunscreen, don high-impact sunglasses, stretch, drink plenty of water and ride during the day on a safe path.


If riding a busy path isn’t for you, think about a stationary bike. What ever you do…ride safely…try it, you might like it!

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Sharlet Briggs, PHD
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