Your List

Your List

Take out a piece of paper on one side list all the great things that has happened to you, the seemingly lucky things, the advantages, the gifts of feedback, your trusted friends and family, your health, your freedom, perhaps your education. You have it. Your list should include everything nice that someone has said or done for you. Take your time this isn’t something to rush.

Now flip to the other side of the paper. On this side list the obstacles you deal with regularly, the seemly unlucky things that continue to happen to you, the reason a Longevity Lifestyle won’t work for you, your health. Include the people who have it better than you and the time you have been overlooked or misunderstood. Once again take your time to capture everything.

The thing is, at every juncture, during every crisis, in every moment of doubt, you have a choice. Your brain will pull out one (virtual) list or the other. You’ll read and reread it, and rely on it to decide how to proceed. What list will you choose?

Sharlet M. Briggs, PhD

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Sharlet Briggs, PHD
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